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              1. Brand introduction
                Guangdong Fakeny Doors & Windows Co., Ltd. is a door and window supplier integrating R&D, production, sales and design. It provides door and window solutions with independent research and development system, high heat insulation profiles, high quality hardware system and strict production technology. The annual production capacity is 300,000 square meters. After years of precipitation, Faganini gradually matured.
                2-3 times production line efficiency
                The company's main aluminum alloy system doors and windows, curtain wall system, sun room; is the Guangdong Province Door and Window Association system door and window automation production line demonstration base. It has a unit body curtain wall production line, a semi-automatic production line for home improvement, and a centrally controlled sliding door production line for tooling production lines.
                50,000 square garden factory with an annual throughput of 300,000 square meters
                Innovation is the unremitting pursuit of the French people; from scratch, it has been upgraded to the eighth generation of window screening system doors and windows, the diversification of products to meet the individual needs of the majority of users, and continuously extended in performance, increased products Aesthetics, but also pay more attention to product safety, energy saving, environmental protection, health and other issues.
                  Pragmatic quality series
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                    Exquisite mainstream series
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                      Extraordinary series
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                      Door and window curtain wall system solution
                      • 01
                        Adopt Guangdong Xinyi Glass original film
                        Ultra clean, anti-fogging
                        High sealing, anti-seepage
                        Introduced a seamless imported welding line from Germany.
                        High value, high force
                        Introduced the Italian flying curtain, Yimeiji, Germany Yale import production line,
                        Ultra-precision, perfect craft
                      • 05
                        Using German Guardian two-component set of angle glue
                        Stronger, watertight
                        Introduced German imported hardware system,
                        Ultra stable, ultra durable
                        Use Tylenol/Enchinger high-strength insulation strips,
                        High heat insulation and anti-static
                        AKZON NOBEL TIGER, PPG, PU wood grain, top surface treatment
                        More stable and super durable
                      • 09
                        Adopting Xingfa, Xinhe, A006063 T5 super high precision titanium magnesium aluminum alloy,
                        Extremely strong, corrosion resistant
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