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              1. The price war is coming. How to break through the aluminum alloy
                Release date:2018-09-03    Views:255
                The price war is no stranger to us. The e-commerce platforms on the Internet are hot all day long.
                As China's economic growth slows down, the relevant national policies have brought unprecedented impact on the door and window hardware industry. The market continues to slump, and the price war of aluminum alloy door and window hardware companies has also intensified.
                However, the continued low price did not receive a strong response from consumers, as if consumers did not buy it. So what is the reason for the price war? In the current price war, how should aluminum alloy door and window hardware companies break through?


                Market capacity is getting smaller
                In recent years, the door and window hardware market is not as good as before, although many companies and even industry media advocate "internet +", "internet thinking", "new property market", "bank mortgage new policy and new interest rates" and other good, hope to create a door and window hardware industry A beautiful blueprint for the arrival of spring.
                But the fact is that spring did not come as expected, the door and window hardware industry did not imagine a recovery, but the market situation went from bad to worse.
                These seemingly theoretical words that can save the door and window hardware industry market and the media's full-fledged "fighting report" did not make the thin industry cake fat. Therefore, many companies have to join the army of price wars in order to seize enough market share and survive in this brutal war.


                The "accomplice" of the overcapacity price war
                If you sing well, you will sing, just as people are pessimistic and optimistic. At present, the market is in a downturn, and many media and industry experts have predicted how many enterprises will be closed down in the door and window hardware industry.
                But if the experts say that the door and window hardware industry can close so many enterprises, this is undoubtedly the best news for balancing supply and demand and reducing the pressure of overcapacity in the current door and window hardware industry.
                However, from the perspective of market trends, the most stringent environmental rectification and the most depressed market in history have not caused a big change in the door and window hardware industry, and tremendous pressure on overcapacity exists. This is like the heart of the aluminum alloy door and window hardware company, and it has also become an "accomplice" in the price war.
                Therefore, the "price war" is the game of supply and demand. When the supply exceeds demand, the price war is inevitable. Perhaps, a top-down price war is coming soon in the door and window industry. However, there are not many companies that are willing to let consumers benefit, but what are the doors and windows brands that will survive by taking the amount?


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