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              1. Brand introduction

                Guangdong Fakeny Doors & Windows Co., Ltd. is a door and window supplier integrating R&D, production, sales and design. It provides door and window solutions with independent research and development system, high heat insulation profiles, high quality hardware system and strict production technology. The annual production capacity is 300,000 square meters. After years of precipitation, Faganini gradually matured.

                50,000 square garden factory with an annual throughput of 300,000 square meters

                The company's main aluminum alloy system doors and windows, curtain wall system, sun room, is the Guangdong Province Door and Window Association system door and window automation production line demonstration base; has a unit body curtain wall production line, home improvement semi-automatic production line, tooling production line central control sliding door production line. The diversification of products meets the individualized needs of the majority of users, and continues to extend in performance, increasing the aesthetics of the products, and paying more attention to product safety, energy saving, environmental protection, health and other issues. "Building doors and windows for the world" is the vision of Fakkini; Fakenini doors and windows will continue to bring better products to the majority of users and become the industry leader.

                Corporate culture
                From Australia's quality, admiring the new concept of noble residence
                Design and international synchronization
                All products are designed by the first-line designers in the industry. Every aspect of product design pays attention to the balance between practicality and aesthetics. All international design trends or local home features are carefully displayed.
                Leading manufacturing facility
                The company has introduced advanced technology and equipment from Germany, using reliable structural technology, technology and materials, so that the quality of each package is neat and consistent, and continues to win the trust of users.
                Professional engineering team
                Pursue sophisticated processing and installation processes to ensure that products can pass the test of time. The company recruits engineering elites and has a large number of experienced technicians to make the products more outstanding.
                Enterprise honor
                Fuxing appearance
                • Ten Years Tree Tree Centennial Brand - March 24th Love Tree Plan

                  Participated in the theme of the ten-year tree tree brand for a decade, in order to enhance everyone's understanding of the Arbor Day, raise awareness of plant care, and enhance everyone's awareness of environmental greening. Add a little green to our homeland, so that Our living environment is more beautiful. Through this activity, we can enhance the awareness of planting trees, let employees learn to unite and cooperate with each other, help each other, and call on all staff to actively participate in the Arbor Day and start from themselves. To expand the influence of the brand and achieve the ambitious strategic goal of “planting a small tree, a green land, and a century-old brand” to reflect the deep meaning of this event!

                • Fascinating Review of the 20th Jianbo Fair

                  On July 10, 2018, Fakenini doors and windows were invited to attend the 2018 National Customized Door and Window Dealer Survey of Outstanding Brand Awards Ceremony. Together with the industry colleagues and media reporters, they won the “Investment Potential Brand” award. Behind the aura means the affirmation and recognition of Fakenini's doors and windows! At the same time, it is also inseparable from the support and cooperation of Fakenini partners and Fakenini customers.

                • Hard work, internal strength, three local stores in Kennedy, Gua

                  “The operating cost of the terminal store is high, no profit? The flow of people entering the store continues to decline, the sales volume shrinks? The product is homogenized, there is no brand? What?” It came here on November 4-5, with the “door and window store performance 10 times multiplied by 36”. The "Southwest King" high-end training summit event, which is the theme of the door and window, will be launched in Kunming, Yunnan. This training summit was initiated by the Fakenini system doors and windows to help China's door and window industry terminal store to provide a 10 million performance store. Knowledge system.

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