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        1. Chosen fasolid reason

          After many years of precipitation, Fakenini has gradually matured. Not only the overall structure design of doors and windows is systematic, the production and after-sales of doors and windows are systematically designed, and the whole system doors and windows integrating R&D, design, production and after-sales are truly realized. The independent raw material supply system, higher than the industry standard procurement, guarantees the quality of raw materials; has an independent management and control system, the workshop implements data management, solves the problem of data islands, and achieves strict control of production and quality; The company has introduced European high-precision production equipment to ensure the stability of each product and actively embrace the industry 4.0 era.

          50,000 square garden factory with an annual throughput of 300,000 square meters

          The company's main aluminum alloy system doors and windows, curtain wall system, sun room, is the Guangdong Province Door and Window Association system door and window automated production line demonstration base; has a unit body curtain wall production line, home improvement semi-automatic production line, tooling production line, central control sliding door production line

          Committed to creating a high quality home life experience museum

          Supported by the standardized terminal SI and decoration design provided by the Fabini headquarters; including store image, sample design, exhibit display, soft-fit matching, etc.; professional space designer on-site guidance decoration, assisting in store selection, store design, sample Orders, store decoration construction guidance, first sample installation guide, exhibition hall soft design and atmosphere condensation; professional product matching suggestions to ensure that the store display style is stylish and comprehensive;

          VIP Dealer Strategy Summit

          Fahrenney doors and windows hold at least 1-2 national distributor summits each year; each of the dealer summits is carefully raised and carefully arranged by the Fakenini Planning Department; aims to create an interactive platform for learning and communication through the opportunity of the summit. Help the dealers grow and develop;

          Accession policy condition
          • Template support
            The return of the sample fee is limited to two years. If it has not been returned within two years, Party A will no longer provide subsidies. The company's designated explosive products will not participate in the return subsidy. At the same time, Party B guarantees that the sample used in the store must be inspected by Party A. If it is not installed in the store, Party A will require Party B to make up the difference at the original price and no longer give Party B any sample discount.
            Design support
            If the decoration of Party B's specialty store uses the trademark of Party A, Party A may provide the design plan free of charge (including CAD plan, store floor construction drawing, 3D rendering). Party B shall carry out the decoration according to the overall VI/SI image plan designed by Party A. Otherwise, The party has the right to request Party B to rectify or cancel Party B's distribution rights and does not grant any form of subsidy.
            Decoration support
            After the acceptance by Party A, the store decoration complies with Party A's design plan and related requirements. Party A confirms the subsidy fee given to Party B in writing and returns it at 10% of each order of Party B. The explosive product does not participate in the rebate subsidy period for two years. For the limit, if it has not been returned within two years, Party A will no longer provide subsidies.
          • Installation support
            Party B's store model, Party A can arrange technicians to assist in the installation free of charge, but the installer's room and board expenses are paid by Party B.
            Training support
            Upon written request of Party B, Party A may provide Party B personnel with relevant training on product technology and sales skills, but Party B shall pay for the accommodation expenses of the trainers.
            Promotion support
            Party A shall agree in writing to Party B's advertising in the distribution area. After the approval, Party A shall subsidize 50% in the form of payment. The reimbursement voucher shall be subject to the advertising contract and related advertising pictures. The 5% of the finished product order will be refunded until the cost is returned, and the explosive product will not participate in the rebate.
          • Store opening support
            During the opening event of Party B's exclusive storefront, the company provides a opening gift package (for details, please refer to “Fajianini Store Standard Material Standard Configuration List”).
            Market protection support
            Party A shall give Party B a regional market protection.
            Credit endorsement support
            Party A will give a set of honorary certificates to Party B's free store (other certificates include China Famous Brand Certificate, Quality Service Integrity AAA Certificate, Product Quality Inspection Certificate, Product Insurance Certificate, Franchise Authorization Certificate, Secretary General of Guangdong Door and Window Association, etc.).
          Brand joining process
          • Find and implement specific store addresses according to company
          • Provide detailed and accurate shop floor plan paper to company s
          • Pay the balance according to the time specified in the franchise
          • According to the company's requirements, we can arrange effectiv
          • According to the decoration plan designed by the company, the sh
          • Advance activity planning and advertising application to the Mar
          • Product model installation and jewelry placement work according
          • Enter the trial operation stage, follow the company's requiremen
          • Inform the company of the specific opening date 10 days in advan
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