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              1. Business school
                Founded in 2004, Fakenini College aims to promote the development of its organizations and internal and external employees. Faculty of the Faculty of Agriculture and Management is guided by the Pearl River Pearl Group's corporate strategy and human resources development strategy. With the core of “cultural communication” and “talent development”, the learning platform, knowledge platform and service platform are set up with the goal of building a learning organization for all employees.
                Fakeny College is also the base for a team of professionals. Based on the industry development and dealer management model, the college sets up a professional training team, organizes the development of effective and practical training courses, trains professional talents for dealers, helps dealers to build talents, and provides professional services through professional talents. This allows dealers to win the market and loyal customers.
                • Professional custom
                  For each individual situation of the distribution, field study of customized professional courses for research, sharing
                • Headquarters centralized
                  According to market changes, the company's strategy, from time to time, organize dealers to concentrate on company headquarters, collective training and discussion
                • Regional linkage
                  Conduct regional market research, sharing and discussion according to the characteristics and changes of regional markets and the development of professional courseware
                Training courseware
                • The art of communication
                  1. Performance training 2. Fakenney door and window standard business process 3. Performance management training PPT 4. Internal equity incentive training 5. Marketing standardization training system 6. Winning special forces 7. Execution to build PPT 8. Terminal store system management 9. Terminal performance multiplication training 10. Store operation management system
                • Facheni employee career planning
                  Facheni employee career planning
                • Fakenini Aluminum Door and Window Technical Manual
                  Fakenini Aluminum Door and Window Technical Manual
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