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            Fakenini system doors and windows were invited by Red Star Macal
            Release date:2018-09-03    Views:390

            "China's home authentic query system platform" has five advantages: "strong credibility, convenient query, safe and reliable, strong compatibility, simple implementation". According to reports, by assigning a unique identification number to each household item, records its production, quality inspection, logistics, sales and other information, consumers can scan the QR code for inquiry. Anti-counterfeiting queries also enable peer-to-peer interaction between consumers and factories, truly making verification authentic and easily available.


            Step 2: The user scratches the anti-counterfeit label coating, displays the 6-digit security code, enters the 6-digit security code and his mobile phone number, and clicks “Verify” to verify and view the product details. Similarly, conducting a website query on a computer is also very simple.

            The Fakenini system doors and windows were invited to settle in the "China Home Authentic Inquiry Platform", which is not only the trust of China Quality Certification Center and Red Star Macalline in the quality of the door and window products of Fakenini system, but also a huge development of the door and window brand of Fajenni system. sure. In order to facilitate the authentic inquiry verification of consumers across the country, to ensure that consumers can buy genuine Fawkini system doors and windows products, Fakenini system doors and windows will ensure that each piece of the product is affixed with the anti-counterfeit label.

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